About Me
Herbert Miller Jr.

E-mail: herb@hlmjr.com

  • 35-year-old software developer currently working at Industry Weapon, a digital signage and content delivery company.
  • B-movie & anime fan.
  • On-again off-again gamer.
  • Hobbyist composer and electric guitarist.

I enjoy creating, sharing creations, and exploring the creations of others.

As a child, the computer gaming industry turned my attention to programming and music composition, which I've developed a passion for.

I created this homepage as an outlet for my imagination, and as practice building my own web experience from scratch.


Command Center2015
Ty Pali2014
Space Journey 32010
Love Never Fails2009
Linux Patches
My most recent patches and guides for getting the latest latest of everything running on Gentoo Linux.
VirtualBox Modules 5.1.30 vs. Linux Kernel 4.14.0

NVIDIA Drivers 384.98 vs. Linux Kernel 4.14.0